Cleaning the lab after a busy day.

Finding My Second Home: My Story with Level Up Philly

In a busy world where it’s hard to find a place to belong, Level Up Philly became a warm and welcoming community for me. Since my first visit in 2022, it has felt like so much more than just a place to hang out—it’s my second home.

The Magic of Level Up

Level Up isn’t just another spot to chill; it’s a place where every detail, from the yummy food to the friendly staff, is designed to make you feel happy and included. What got me hooked was the delicious food (the chicken is my favorite!) and the awesome games like Injustice 2. I quickly became a regular, looking forward to Thursdays and sometimes Tuesdays when Level Up welcomed everyone in.

Community Spirit and Generosity

What makes Level Up special is its incredible impact on the community. The director, whom I deeply admire, has turned Level Up into a place of kindness and generosity. I’ve seen the director host amazing Christmas events and surprise my sister and me with a brand-new Nintendo Switch, a memory I cherish to this day.

A Lifelong Impact

Level Up has changed my life in so many ways. The director’s support went beyond Level Up’s walls, helping my family find a home during tough times and providing us with computers that I still use today. This has not only helped me grow personally but also opened doors to job opportunities I never thought possible.

From Enthusiast to Manager

My journey with Level Up took a big turn when I became the manager of the Life Lab. This role has helped me develop leadership skills and work closely with amazing mentors like Nick and Vince, who have become like family. Together, we run the Life Lab, offering classes and inspiring young minds through fun, interactive learning.

Celebrating Excellence

At Level Up, we celebrate excellence. I love helping others reach their potential, whether through offering incentives in the Life Lab or organizing exciting video game tournaments that bring our community together. These activities not only create a sense of healthy competition but also make everyone feel like they belong.

A Safe Haven

Level Up is more than just a place for fun; it’s a safe haven where respect and safety are key. As a gun-free zone, Level Up ensures everyone can enjoy themselves without worry. Our Sunday gatherings for church services further highlight our commitment to the well-being of everyone who comes through our doors.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

Looking back on my time with Level Up, I’m filled with gratitude for all the opportunities and friendships it has given me. From receiving a new Nintendo Switch after a tough time to an unexpected gift of a drone from a new teacher, each moment has shown me the power of community and kindness.

Conclusion: A Home for All

Level Up isn’t just a place; it’s a vibrant community where joy, learning, and support come together. My experiences here have shaped my growth and my outlook on life. As I look forward to the future and all its possibilities, I’m thankful to Level Up for being more than just a venue—it’s a shining example of what a caring community can achieve.

I’m excited to continue growing with Level Up and seeing how many more lives it will touch. For anyone looking for more than just entertainment, but a real sense of belonging, Level Up is the place to be.

Level Up Philly