Therapeutic Programs

Gun-Violence Counseling and Group Therapy

Gun violence is a pervasive issue affecting many of our youth. At Level Up Philly, we offer specialized counseling and group therapy sessions to help victims and perpetrators of gun violence heal and find a path to a brighter future. Our trained therapists provide a safe space for individuals to express their experiences, work through trauma, and develop coping strategies.

Gang Retaliation Reconciliation

Conflict resolution is crucial in reducing gang violence. Level Up Philly focuses on mediating disputes between rival groups, promoting understanding, and fostering peace. Through guided discussions and community-building activities, we aim to break the cycle of violence and build bridges within our community.

Community Service Facilitation

We understand that giving back to the community is a crucial step towards personal growth and redemption. We offer individuals the opportunity to fulfill their community service requirements for misdemeanors and other minor offenses. Through meaningful service projects such as cleaning up local parks or assisting at food banks, participants can develop a sense of pride and accomplishment while making a positive impact on their community.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy at Level Up Philly allows young people to express themselves creatively, providing an emotional outlet and a means of self-discovery. Participants explore various art forms, including painting, drawing, and sculpture, in a supportive environment that encourages healing and personal growth.

Gardening Therapy

Our Gardening Therapy program at Level Up Philly offers a hands-on way to connect with nature and find peace. Participants get involved in planting and caring for our gardens, which are used for farm-to-table food, aromatherapy, and community service projects. This experience teaches about sustainability while providing a calming and rewarding activity that promotes relaxation and patience.


We incorporate aromatherapy throughout our programs and classes to boost emotional and physical well-being. By using essential oils, we create an environment that helps reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall health. Participants learn about the benefits of different scents as part of their holistic journey, making each session more calming and enriching.

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