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Pastor Aaron Campbell

Executive Director

Aaron Campbell is the founder and executive director of Urban Dream Chasers, Inc. (Level Up). He is also the founder and lead pastor of Antioch Christian Fellowship. Aaron has been working with teens and young adults in high-risk neighborhoods of Philadelphia for over twenty years—working with gang members, drug dealers, and traumatized or marginalized youth who need mentoring. A graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, Campbell is a proud African-American and Native-American who also does extensive work on native reservations across the country. For his ongoing work in native communities, he was even invited to share at The United Nations in New York City, before diplomats, ambassadors, and the global head of The Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), who was directly under UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon.

Campbell is a member of The Union League of Philadelphia and is a president chaplain of the Philadelphia Police Department, where he counsels officers, as well as builds bridges between officers and young people from high-risk neighborhoods for raw and honest dialogue. Campbell is also an international first responder and has comforted and counseled victims at some of our nation’s bloodiest massacres in recent history. Campbell regularly appears on national and local radio, and has also appeared on national television.

Lastly, he is the author of a compelling, coming-of-age memoir, Eyes That Seen Plenty: A Memoir on Race, Class, Culture, and Redemption. This memoir has been adopted into two university curriculums—including The University of Pennsylvania. Endorsed by Dr. Cornel West and others, it is a book that has educated and transformed many.

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Pastor Sherman Adams

Program Coordinator

Pastor Sherman Adams serves as an assistant pastor of Antioch, and the systems and programs coordinator for Level Up. He is responsible for all aspects of maintaining, running, and overseeing Level Up Safe Haven, securing resources, food, and transportation needs for Level Up. Prior to becoming a pastor at Antioch, Pastor Adams worked for 30 years in the retail and fashion industry, including as a manager at Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. He also managed a large, tri-state team at the second largest national satellite TV provider.


Andrew Blassingame

Safe Haven Co-Lead

Mr. Blassingame serves on a part-time basis as the co-lead of the Safe Haven space. He serves as a community engagement partner with experience in behavioral management, college and career counseling, mentorship, and youth development. After supporting Philadelphia’s youth as a mental health specialist for 10 years within the school district, Mr. Blassingame has transitioned into youth mentorship and college and career readiness. Recently operating as a Program Coordinator for a non-profit organization, Mr. Blassingame is currently the Executive Director for Rebel Ventures, a youth career development organization that is partnered with the University of Pennsylvania, where he acts as a professional development coach and program lead for the students and staff he supervises. He holds a MS in Organizational Development and Leadership from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and a BS in Philosophy from West Chester University.


Nohémie Sanon Roland

Safe Haven Co-Lead

Mrs. Roland leads and coordinates all aspects of the Safe Haven space on a part time basis. In this role, she is responsible for planning the food and operational budget, partnering with the systems and logistics coordinator on inventory planning and food preparation. She is also responsible for tracking various metrics related to the program. Mrs. Roland is a Corporate Strategy Manager with deep expertise across the service industry. She most recently worked as a Manager within the Strategic Business Development division of Aramark where she was responsible for evidence-based analytics and strategic insights to support the growth of the business. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University.


Jenay M. Smith

Tutoring & Enrichment Co-Lead

Ms. Smith serves on a part-time basis as the co-lead of Level Up’s Tutoring & Enrichment program. Together with Dr. Williams, she is responsible for all aspects of our Tutoring & Enrichment program, including volunteer and participant coordination, curriculum development and periodic assessment of the participants. Ms. Smith currently serves as Life Skills Development Trainer at Drexel Building Wealth and Health Network in Philadelphia. She has a Masters in Social Services from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.


Dr. Joshua Williams

Tutoring & Enrichment Co-Lead

Dr. Williams serves on a part-time basis as the co-lead of Level Up’s Academic and Enrichment program. In this capacity, he is responsible for assessing each participant in the program, defining the tutorial curriculum, scheduling all volunteer instructors, and overall, ensuring the success of Level Up’s academic goals for our young adults. Dr. Williams currently serves as an Instrumentation Specialist at Drexel University and was previously Associate Professor of Chemistry at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.


Are donations to Level Up tax-deductible under 501(c)3?

Yes, Level Up is a program of the fully qualified 501(c)3 organization Urban Dream Chasers, Inc. Donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed under US law.

What is Level Up?

Level Up is an interventional mentoring program that exists to rescue and raise up a generation of young leaders and world changers amid the gun violence crisis and unprecedented homicide count in Philadelphia. Level Up was launched in 2019 based on 20+ years of Pastor Aaron Campbell and Antioch Christian Fellowship’s outreach to the West Philadelphia community.

What kind of positive changes do you see in the youth who regularly participate in Level Up?

Our mentorship model, which includes courtroom advocacy, forming relationships with parole officers, and peer-to-peer support, is built on love, commitment, and sacrifice - causing many young people who are comfortable dealing with pain and letdowns to finally start seeing something different and wonderful about themselves.

What is the vision for Level Up, going forward?

The vision for Level Up has always been to intervene in, and change, the trajectory of the lives of young people residing in Philadelphia’s toughest neighborhoods. Our current programs and events are all designed to support that vision. Ultimately, our dream is to establish a charter school that will serve the youth of West Philadelphia using the same approaches and guiding philosophy as our current programs. That is, obviously, a project that will require significant support from donors. Want to partner with us to make this dream a reality and impact the lives of precious young people? Click on the Donate button above to find out more!

Antioch Christian Fellowship

The Church Building Where Level Up Takes Place

Antioch Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational church in West Philadelphia that has been addressing the violence in the city for nearly two decades. What began twenty-one years ago as a gathering of three people in Pastor Campbell’s West Philadelphia living room, has blossomed into a strong, multicultural, vibrant congregation. Today, Antioch serves as a community pillar, and hosts Level Up, a safe haven for marginalized youth from the most high-risk sections of the city. Level Up serves youth across our city -- from Kensington and Allegheny (“K&A”) to North Philadelphia, to West Philadelphia. We are wholly committed to bringing transformation to our city: one heart at a time; one need at a time; big picture all the time.

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