Intro to Starting a Business | Class #3 | Level Up Philly Academy

🚀 Embarking on an Entrepreneurial Journey! 🎮

The enthusiasm from the previous classes carried into our third session at Level Up Philly Academy, where the focus shifted to cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit!

Keep reading to learn all about how our Wednesday Level Up Academy sessions are helping Philly’s youth learn about STEAM, media, and gaming career opportunities!

Class commences!

🪄 Diving into Entrepreneurship ♟️

Our journey began with a comprehensive discussion about the essence of entrepreneurship. Students were introduced to the importance of adopting a boss-business mindset and understanding the evolving dynamics of today’s business landscape.

👨‍💼 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs 👩‍💼

A section of class was dedicated to exploring the 10 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. This insightful discussion aimed at instilling a blend of essential traits that would aid in their entrepreneurial journey.

The discourse ventured into the realms of entrepreneurial mindset, emphasizing its significance in designing a business. Through interactive discussions, students were encouraged to jot down their business ideas, which was a stepping stone towards understanding the practical implications of entrepreneurship.

🎙️ Special Insights from Matt! 🥤

We were honored to have Matt Shubert, a key figure bridging the partnership between PepsiCo and Level Up Philly, share the three C’s of core leadership employed at PepsiCo. Through ‘Connect’ he emphasized Trust, Relationships, and Empathy; ‘Clarify’ brought focus on Expectations, Priorities, and Feedback; while ‘Coach’ entailed Listening, Questioning, Developing, and Following Up. Matt’s insights provided a real-world perspective on leadership, directly resonating with our theme of nurturing budding entrepreneurs.

🏆 Here’s What We Achieved 📚

The highlight of the class was the ‘Business Idea Contest’. It was an exciting platform for the students to come up with a business idea and do some initial planning. This activity not only spurred creativity but also provided a glimpse into the practical aspects of starting a business.

🚨 Making an Impact 💪

This class transcended traditional learning boundaries and focused on building confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset among students. The session was a catalyst for one of the critical focuses of Level Up Academy, laying a solid foundation for inquisitive minds ready to venture into the business realm.

💡 What’s Next? 🚀

As we forge ahead in our curriculum, a plethora of engaging and insightful sessions beckon. The entrepreneurial journey has just embarked, and the anticipation for the upcoming classes is soaring.

Interested in joining us? Whether you’re a parent, a potential donor, or just curious about what we do, we’d love to have you on board. Together, we’ll level up the future!

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