Intro to Content Creation | Class #2 | Level Up Philly Academy

🚀 Level Up to Content Creation! 🎮

Embarking on a journey from the virtual realms of VR and eSports last class, Class #2 of Level Up Philly Academy seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic world of content creation. Building on the previous class’s foundation, this session dove into the diverse types of online content, unveiling the myriad career paths in content creation, brand building techniques, essential tools for crafting captivating content, and the art of content production.

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🛠 Tools and Techniques

No craftsman can create without tools, and digital creators are no different. We explored a gamut of tools available for content creation, from video editing software to graphic design apps, instilling the technical prowess needed to bring their ideas to life.

Content creation is on the rise, and is one of the biggest drivers of online traffic.

💻 Building a Brand 🌟

The core essence of content creation lies in the value it provides to its audience. Our class emphasized identifying the value proposition of their content and aligning it with the interests and needs of their target audience. Through a blend of discussions and interactive activities, students explored the initial steps in building a personal or brand narrative that resonates.

A glimpse into the brainstorming sessions, where ideas flowed freely, paving the way for unique brand identities.

💡 Making an Impact 💪

This class not only honed the creative skills of our students but also brought them a step closer to becoming adept digital narrators. The pieces created during the contest echo the transformative journey at Level Up Philly, portraying the potential and the creative energy harbored by our young creators.

🎤 Content Creation Contest 🎵

The class culminated in a riveting content creation contest where students were tasked with creating something personal about Level Up Philly. The array of creations, including vlogs, poems, journal entries, presentations, and dance videos, showcased the diverse talents and the creative spirit embodied in our young creators.

A look at one of the journal entries from students!

💡 What’s Next? 🚀

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