Intro to Branding | Class #5 & 6 | Level Up Philly Academy

🚀 Level Up Academy’s Business & Intro to Branding Classes! 🎮

Continuing the entrepreneurial journey from the previous classes, Class #5 & 6, led by the distinguished Rayce Rollins, delved into the essence of branding. The atmosphere was electric as students gathered to unravel the mysteries of brand building under Rayce’s guidance.

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🎮 Nurturing Brand Visionaries 🌟

Rayce Rollins, the brain behind Financial GPS and a seasoned academician, brought a rich blend of market acumen and academic insight to the classroom. His belief that “learning is creating” resonated throughout the lessons, igniting a spark of creativity among the students.

Picture this: when defining your business solution/the problem you are solving, think about how your brand is positioned:

Rayce also shared how there are three major types of brands: image brands, who use celebrities or models to sell a sense of higher self worth, functional brands, that make the product the hero, and experience brands, that helps us escape the everyday. Exploring how companies like Uber, Nike, and Prime Energy Drinks leverage their brands and marketing efforts further illuminated the discussion.

But it wasn’t all about branding; it was also about feeding the soul with an amazing live performance!

Class #6 opened with a soul-stirring performance by violinist Justus, followed by an enlightening discussion on discovering business purpose and an introduction to branding. The room filled with music and inspiration, setting a perfect tone for the branding exploration that followed.

🧠 Here’s What We Achieved 📚

These sessions were not only theoretical but had a fun interactive ending with kids playing VR, making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable, blending theory with hands-on experience.

🌟 Making an Impact 💪

The insightful sessions by Rayce and the interactive activities have left a lasting impression, edging the students closer to realizing their entrepreneurial dreams. The fusion of music, branding theory, and interactive activities has indeed made a lasting imprint.

💡 What’s Next? 🚀

As we advance, the journey into branding will unfold more, equipping our young entrepreneurs with the knowledge to build compelling brands. The anticipation is high as we look forward to more interactive and insightful sessions.

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