Intro to YouTube | Class #8 | Level Up Philly Academy

🚀 Level Up Academy’s Intro to Youtube Class! 🎮

Class #8 at Level Up Philly Academy was a voyage into the dynamic world of YouTube. Our young learners were bubbling with enthusiasm as they stepped into a platform that holds the potential to voice their ideas to a global audience.

Nothing says healthy competition like a mini Blast-On tournament with a cash prize!

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🎮 YouTube 101 🌟

Our session kicked off with an exploration into the vast spectrum of content available on YouTube. We discussed how this platform is not just a space for entertainment, but a powerful tool for learning and education. The discourse further navigated through the popular types of content that resonate with audiences worldwide, shedding light on the diverse ways one can engage with the YouTube community.

Why does Youtube matter?

But it wasn’t all about the media; it was also about learning what goes on behind the scenes!

The core activity of the day was an interactive workshop where students dove into the basics of crafting a compelling YouTube channel. They brainstormed on the unique value they aim to provide, identified the audience they aspire to reach, and sketched a rough plan of the content they wish to create. This activity was an exercise in understanding the preliminary steps in becoming a content creator.

🧠 Inspiring Talk by Kevin Herrera 📚

It’s never to late to create your own network for success!

The class was honored to have Kevin Herrera, a Sales Director at Frito Lay, share his inspiring journey. Kevin, hailing from the south side of Philadelphia, spoke eloquently on the significance of networking and aligning oneself with a community that propels you towards your goals. His emphasis on self-improvement resonated deeply with the students, providing a real-world perspective on achieving one’s dreams.

🧠 Here’s What We Achieved 📚

Our eighth session at Level Up Philly Academy marked a significant milestone in digital literacy and creative empowerment. Students not only learned the intricacies of YouTube channel creation but also gained insights into content strategy and audience engagement. Kevin Herrera’s talk provided a real-life success story, highlighting the importance of networking and continuous self-improvement. By the end of the class, our students were buzzing with ideas and ready to explore new digital frontiers, equipped with practical skills and a newfound confidence to express themselves creatively online.

1v1 with VR game Blast-On!

🌟 Making an Impact 💪

The session was a blend of digital creativity exploration and life lessons. It underscored the potential of platforms like YouTube in self-expression, learning, and growing in a digital community.

💡 What’s Next? 🚀

The horizon is filled with promise as we venture into more facets of digital creativity. The enthusiasm from this session has set a high bar of anticipation for the upcoming classes where we continue to explore the digital realm.

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